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Halloween? Travel if you're brave enough.

So it's getting to that time of the year, with the start of the 'killer clown' craze it's only right to tell you about the cities that celebrate Halloween the best. From visiting the Paris catacombs to witch covens in the US, Halloween is a great time to travel for the brave, offering fantastic festivals, tours and much more spooky events which take place through out October leading up to the big day.

The Paris Catacombs; Possibly one of the most creepiest places you'll visit for an Halloween adventure. The catacombs are a vast network of underground tunnels in the 18th century, ultimately a place to store the bodies from condemned cemeteries, ending in the results you see today of mass stacking of bones. The Parisian catacombs have also inspired a hell of a lot of ghost stories over the years and books consisting of vampires taking refuge in these catacombs hiding among the dead, so if you decide to take the tour just look out for those monsters hiding in and amongst the piles of bones in front of you! These catacombs also inspired the hit blockbuster movie 'As above so below' which i do recommend you watch (if you really dare)

For all you fright fans another interesting place to visit is Salem, Massachusetts, where once 26 people were once tried and sentenced to death for being witches. This small town is home to some of the best celebrations to take place- celebrating it's rich past in witchcraft, making it one of the best vacation spots for the Halloween period. Salem offer tours of haunted and infamous spots within the town, the trial and hanging re-enchantments, fireworks, a parade and the witches' circle, last but not least is the house museum - the last house that has a direct link to the salem witch trials. Once home to Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the Judges in trials.

Now we travel to Transylvania, Romania. I know your necks are itching; May i suggest garlic for this one. There are vast amounts of beautiful vacation rentals within the mountains of Transylvania which are very close to the infamous Bran Castle, Home to Vlad the impaler; inspiration for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'. Known for his vicious cruelty and horrific torture, Vlad was said to have impaled thousands of his enemies on stakes and left their lifeless corpses' to rot. Today you can book Halloween tours - Get the truth behind this terrifying legend.

Is there anything worse than sleeping in a hotel which inspired Stephen King to write his famously scary novel The Shining? I believe not. Located in Estes Park, Colorado The Stanley Hotel which does look like it could feature in any Stephen King inspired horror movie(but failed to do so), does actually have an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains National Park. Here you can see room #217 where Stephen King slept and where The Shining was evidently born. On top of the ridiculously eerie affiliation with one extremely scary horror movie, that's not the only thing The Stanley is famous for. No, it's said that it's also haunted, yeah, that's right as if it could get any worse! Hotel owner F.O. Stanley is said to hang out in the lobby and billiards room, Flora Stanley (who still loves to play the piano for her guests) and a miss Wilson who is said the haunted the infamous room #217. Not spooky enough? Spend a night here, test your nerve.

Ever seen the film Sleepy Hollow? well that's where we're heading. Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving is one of the most famous and iconic American ghost stories to this day. Set in Hudson Valley village, there are still eerie reports of the Headless Horseman all around this area, not what you want walking the dog at night or even walking home from work! The Sleepy Hollow cemetery offer both day and night tours but is advised to be booked will in advanced with obvious reason of the tours getting increasingly popular around Halloween.

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