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Cheap Winter Sun - Where to go?

Now the summer sun has disappeared, and to the soaring temperatures. You still want to find that perfect winter getaway away from the school holiday madness? Autumn and winter are the perfect time to getaway for more affordable prices, rather than the extortionate boost in price during the peak summer months. Of course, those peak summer months give you the best weather in theory and maybe you'll say it's worth the extra you're going to have to pay? But after this year I have to disagree. My partner and I travelled to Malta at the start of this month and the weather was perfect! 30degrees and blue skies, a slight breeze which was a godsend as being ginger is not easy in those sorts of temperatures! But it just goes to show that you don't need to spend the extra £300-£500 to travel in the height of summer unless you absolutely love being cooked. However, this is where Cost Cut Travel comes in, after reading this blog have a look at the website and find the cheapest holidays. So if you're after the same sort of temperatures without the holiday madness then, September, October and early November is the perfect time to up sticks. Here are some budget destinations with the sun you're craving!

The first of course has to be Malta. I have written about Malta in a previous blog and 5 places you should go and visit. But for sun, sand and sea it has to be Mellieha - North of the island. It's home to Malta's best beaches and bays. Situated at the bottom of Mellieha is a beautiful natural sand beach, with a picturesque blue sea. Full of life -you can see hundreds of fish with a snorkel. Watersports are also available from the beach, along with diving and boat rides. 5-minute bus rides also take you to Cirwakka, home to the amazing Paradise bay beach.With gorgeous white sand, crystal clear water and 2 fantastic restaurants that give great views of the bay. Finally, located 5 minutes away from Mellieha, also in Cirwakka, is the ferry port that takes you to Comino island. The most beautiful place you will visit while in Malta is only a short boat ride away to the island! A small island with the most amazing 'Blue Lagoon', golden sands and walking trails - Comino is the island for everybody... But please don't waste time by just lounging at the Lagoon as Comino has so much more to offer!

Tenerife is probably the closest winter sun location you'll find to the UK. Averaging mid 20's in September and October time. At this time of year when the weather in the UK takes a turn for the worse, Tenerife offers a fantastic alternative to bringing out the winter coats! As with travelling anywhere in autumn, you can experience the island's main attractions, without the queues! For example walking in Teide National Park – around Spain’s highest mountain – is a real must, but this isn’t the only fantastic place for striding out on the island. Anaga Rural Park is another haven for hikers, with numerous trails crisscrossing through this largely undeveloped area. There's also Siam waterpark a brilliant place to go and let your hair down and have some fun! Last but not least Loro Parque Zoo - A great family day out.

Morroco is another great winter destination for the all year round sun seeker. On the edge of the Sahara desert - Marrakech and Agadir remain warm throughout the year. Relax on the beach with the backdrop of wonderful snow-capped mountains, if that's not relaxing enough for you, book yourself in for a steamy spa like Hammam, for an extraordinary pamper day. If that's still not enough then there's nothing like indulging yourself in the amazing cuisine that Morrocans have to offer! A truly great destination, one that you definitely have to visit without a doubt!

If you're looking for a little more luxury then look no further. Dubai, basking in all its glory as one of the most luxurious cities in the world is home to many of the world's richest people, biggest skyscrapers and most beautiful and modern architecture around today. There're a million and one things to do here in Dubai; from shopping in the most amazing malls to 4x4 rides through the desert, there really is something for everyone here. Whatever it is you're looking for in your winter getaway there is no doubt you will find it in Dubai. A few things I recommend doing are seemingly some of the most exciting things you'll do travelling. Taking your view of Dubai to the 124th floor of the tallest skyscraper in the world, or even take to the skies with a helicopter tour of the city! Also for the children, there's a brilliant waterpark and aquarium, or enjoy the beauty of a Dubai sunset on camel back.

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