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5 places you must visit in Malta!

Firstly one of the most picturesque places in and around Malta is the Comino/Cominotto islands. Situated between Malta and Gozo; inhabited in the Roman times and used as a defence post for Malta from the Otterman Turks, during 'The great siege' of 1565. Comino measuring only 3.5km squared, is only a stones throw from Malta; in the summer there are regular boats crossing every 20-30 minutes. These boat rides are relatively cheap costing around only 8-15 Euro's (return should include a tour of the coves) depending on the company you decide to use. The most famous attraction in Comino is the wonderful 'Blue Lagoon'. Crystal blue in colour with beautiful crisp white sand it is perfect for any tourist, but also has beautiful views for the intrepid traveller. With 2 other bays on the island; Santa Marija Bay and San Niklaw Bay, you are not short of a more tranquil and relaxing trip. On that side of the island are also some awe-inspiring coves and little grotto's. For more beautiful views you would need to swim across the lagoon to Cominotto it's literally a 2 minute swim or snorkel if you want to see some of the local fish. Cominotto also has fantastic coves leading out to the Mediterranean, and 360 degree views of Malta and Gozo which would give you that wonderlust feeling. There's little to do on the Island if you're not up for walking or prefer to sunbath, but it is worth going just for the views I can assure you of that! There are some watersports available like riding inflatables or you can travel on a glass bottom party boat, but this location is made for picturesque views, phenomenal landscapes and beautiful beaches! What more could you ask for; just to relax and forget the world, that's what we travel for right?


Valletta Malta's capital, voted culture capital of Europe for 2018, is a cultural masterpiece that you must visit when you travel to Malta. After the great siege of 1565 the knights began to build Valletta, also known as 'city built by gentlemen for gentlemen',in hopes that it would be a fortress for christendom and a true religious and cultural treasure. When it comes to things to do in Valletta you really are spoilt for choice; after reading everything I write in this blog you'll still be able to find another 100 things to do in the city!! From the cathedral of St John to the war museum, even the beautiful gardens with it's spectacular views, it's a city that just keeps giving! Firstly the city gate is breathtaking it just shows you how big Valletta is, walking through it made me feel as though I was going back in time as I was surrounded by beautiful white stone buildings crafted to perfection. It just proves as to why it was going to be the capital city of culture. Then there's Valletta's magnificent waterfront and grand harbour which has so much history behind it, it really is worth to see. With the best view being from the upper Barrakka gardens. Other places I would recommend to see is the Siege bell war memorial that stands high above the sea front and is remarkably breathtaking. You could even take a tour of Valletta via horse and carriage and there are plenty around to hop on! Valletta has something for everyone, there are plenty of markets, stalls and rows and rows of shops so if you enjoy a spree you have loads to choose from; however be warned the ratio of jewelry shops to other shops is about 3:1 and we all know how ladies are partial to things that sparkle!


Sliema was the Otterman stronghold during the great siege and pre 1960's and was a summer getaway for wealthy Valletta residents. But now Sliema has come on leaps and bounds from these times and has got the to be most modern and up to date place on the island. Littered with recognised high street names there are 2 very popular complexe, the 'luxury outlet' for expensive designer clothing or 'the point' regarded as the best place to shop in malta. Sliema is no longer a stronghold for the Otterman's but now a stronghold for the modern day shopper! It is also home to masses of beautiful restaurants, bars and cafe's; the most famous being the hole in the wall bar which is a very little cosy local pub. When you're not shopping, eating or drinking then you have to take a walk along the stunning Sliema promenade. As Malta is bursting in pride for it's religion and past there's always a cathedral or church or visit with some sort of great story behind it, that's the beauty of the place!

Rabat and Mdina.

Let's start with Mdina. It is literally a city within a city! Mdina is built in a fortress within Rabat and is also known as the 'silent city'. Lamp lit by night, this beautiful city holds a timeless atmosphere and is a real leader in history, culture and religion for the island. This historic place played a major role in Malta's cultural heritage. To say Mdina isn't that big (you could probably walk around the perimeter in about 15 - 20 minutes) there is still plenty to do and see!The Mdina experience was created to give an interactive history lesson of Mdina's importance to Malta's history and how the city came to form. Mdina also has it's own natural history museum and gallery too whilst being famous for it's glass blowing, meaning every glass ornament will have been handmade in Mdina. The glass shop is a great place to take a look round if not buy something and support a local community! As in every city in Malta, Mdina has 2 cathedrals; St Paul's and Mdina cathedral. Mdina is home to the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted - and that is a first for someone who eats ALOT of ice cream. Onto Rabat. Being part of the Roman city of Melita it is an archaeological wonderland with hundreds, even thousands of relics found showing the city's importance in the Roman times. The top attractions here are; St Paul's grotto which is great when you are viewing St Paul's private chambers but quite spooky when you get lost inside the war shelters and catacombs attached to it. Also you can visit the even creepier catacombs found around the corner from St Pauls square. At 5 Euros per admission, you can look around 23 different catacombs all varying in sizes and religions, whilst feeling an eerie yet mystifying atmosphere.


One of the main attractions in Mellieha is the 'Our Lady Of Mellieha' Church. It can be seen from miles away and over looks the town of Mellieha and its bay. Contrasting from the church's beautiful structure to an eerie but breathtaking experience is the 'Lady of Mellieha' grotto, situated only across the road from the church. 3 flights of steps taking you down into a small cave like shrine where residents worship the 'Lady of Mellieha' whilst also leaving pictures of loved ones to cast a wish of protection. They celebrate the Feast of the lady between August 30th - September 8th to commemorate repelling the Otterman's attacks in the great siege of 1565, which is said to have saved Christianity in Europe! But if you go on holiday for the sun, sea and beaches then Mellieha is the place for you as it has one of the best natural sand beaches on the island without a doubt. With ocean side restaurants, water sports available, diving and even places to fish it is perfect. Who like's Popeye the sailor man? Well here in Mellieha you can visit the set they filmed the original with Robin Williams. The set consists of all the little houses from the films which you can enter and look at in depth. There are a few restaurants and eateries, a private beach and watersport inflatables! Also in Mellieha there is St Agatha's tower otherwise known as the 'Red Tower'. Located at the top of the city and red in colour it is visible from anywhere around the beaches and well worth the visit. Due to being situated at the top of hill, the tower is one of the highest points on the island and therefore holds a divine view. Mellieha holds an array of restaurants that all offer superb food. A real great place to visit with something to offer for every body.

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